2nd Annual Battle for Burritos



2017 Battle for Burritos


April 1st-April 30th, 2017


Students, staff and your supporters will mention your favorite participating high school’s mascot to our cashier every time they make a purchase at any Miguel’s Jr. Restaurant from April 1st-April 30th, 2017.  Miguel’s Jr Restaurants will track each school’s mascot mention through our in-store computer system.  Guests will also see their mascot name printed on their receipt as proof your school received credit for the purchase. The mascot must be mentioned at the time of purchase in order for it to be counted and in order for it to be accurately tracked in our computer system.  There is a maximum of 1 mascot mention per receipt.

Miguel’s Jr will announce each school’s total mascot mentions for the week on our Facebook and Instagram pages.  This way you know exactly where your school stands in comparison to the other 4 schools you are battling with.

Miguel’s Restaurants will donate to your school $1 for each guests mascot mention during the month of July up to $500. For the top three schools with the most mascot mentions, there will be an additional 1st place prize of $2500, a second place prize of $1000 and a third place prize of $500.  The first place school will also receive a FREE BRC burrito and regular beverage coupon for each student and staff member in your school.  The winning school will be announced on our website as well as our Facebook and Instagram pages.  Participants may also text “battle16” to 40691 to receive weekly updates directly to their smartphone.

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Make sure to download the Battle for Burritos poster!

*Free student lunch includes one(1) bean, rice and cheese burrito and a regular size fountain beverage.  Lunch coupons will be provided by Miguel’s Restaurants and distributed by the winning school to each student.