Our dedication to fresh, flavorful cuisine stems from the rich culinary heritage of our founder, Mary Vasquez. Growing up in Central Mexico, Mary learned the art of cooking alongside her mother and grandmother, contributing to the preparation of cherished family meals. Upon moving to the United States, Mary married Mike and continued to share the beloved recipes of her childhood with Miguel’s California Mexican Cocina and Miguel’s Jr. guests, while raising their own children.

It all started when Mary’s mastery in crafting burritos quickly gained acclaim, attracting the cravings of neighbors and children from all corners of the neighborhood to the Vasquez household for a taste of authentic California Mexican fare. Encouraged by the overwhelming demand, people began urging Mary to open her own restaurant.

In 1973, seizing the opportunity, Mike and Mary assumed ownership of an existing restaurant in Corona, CA, renaming it “Miguel’s” in tribute to Mike’s grandfather. As the business flourished, they expanded their venture by leasing a nearby fast food establishment, christened “Miguel’s Jr.” This new locale swiftly garnered popularity among locals and travelers alike, situated conveniently along Interstate 91 between Orange County and the Inland Empire.

Today, the legacy continues with Miguel’s California Mexican Cocina, a full-service restaurant located at the Shops at Dos Lagos in Corona, along with 22 Miguel’s Jr. fast food establishments spread throughout the Inland Empire and Orange County.

At Miguel’s, we remain steadfast in our commitment to upholding and building on this cherished family tradition, ensuring that every dish we serve embodies the essence of freshness and unparalleled flavor. Join us as we continue to deliver the finest California Mexican cuisine, day after day, with unwavering dedication and pride.