Campbell’s Names Miguel’s Jr. for National Soup Month!

January 14, 2024

Did you know January is National Soup Month? Campbell Soup Company started National Soup Month back in 1984 and the craze caught on. A warm, hearty bowl of soup in the winter makes it understandable why this is the time of year to celebrate this beloved comfort food.

While Campbell Soup Company is the obvious behemoth in the soup-making world, it doesn’t make every kind of soup. One of the few soups Campbell doesn’t make is, you guessed it, Pozole! And the soup experts over at ol’ Campbell HQ, identified Miguel’s Jr.’s Pozole as the hearty Mexican pozole that delivers.

Next time you’re at your favorite Miguel’s Jr. make sure to try our signature Pozole. But don’t wait, its only available for a limited time!

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