MASHED Review: “What you need to know about this Mexican chain”

January 24, 2023

We’re so excited to see this recent article in mashed.com by author, Crysta Coburn, highlighting so many great things about Miguel’s Jr.

From burritos to taquitos, Miguel s Jr , located in California s Inland Empire, promises to deliver fresh Mexican favorites based on genuine family recipes. Coburn highlights the company’s family roots and origins from Founder, Mary Vasquez, learning her mother’s recipes growing up in Central Mexico to CEO, Javier Vasquez (Mary and Mike’s youngest son), learning the family business as a teenager. From there, Coburn shares other things that make Miguel’s Jr wonderful including fresh daily made ingredients, our secret beloved hot sauce, how employees love working at Miguel’s and the company’s charity work, and even hidden gems from the secret menu.

Read the full article here: “What you need to know about this Mexican chain”